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Bakar Lemak Badan - Satu Cadangan

artikel ni dicedok utk rujukan saja.. bukan tulisan aku daaa... tapi baik sbg rujukan.

To burn your fat effectively?

interval cardio training-by going to the gym -save time and very effective-20 minute solution.

In short, you will only need to do cardio for no more than 20 minutes each time
(you still have to do it 3 times a week though).

you will burn more fat in the process compared to doing one hour or
-even worse- an hour and a half regular slow pace cardio.

The simple "why" is that the 20 minute solution actually
trick your body to use fat as the source of energy, instead of using
carbohydrate (which is typically use by your body for energy source).

So, it burns your fat more efficiently than if you train some other way, even at
longer period (like an hour).

Here's the "how": Imagine the amount of energy it takes you to sit on your
desk or at home. The level of energy you use is level 1. Now, imagine you
are being chase by a crazy dog your neighbor own. You would run as fast as
you can right? That level of energy is level 10. Or maximum.

Now, I need you to imagine from level 1 to level 10, there is steady increase in energy use.

So easy walking would be a level 5. Fast walking would be a level 6. Fast
running would be a level 8. And so on. That's the key for this exercise.

After doing some light, but important, strecthing, pick any cardio machine you want.
It can be a stationary bike, a stairmaster or -if you like to swim- go to the
pool. Now make sure you have some type of stopwatch to monitor the time.
Remember, only 20 minutes and you are done!

First two minute, do a level 5. Nice walk in the park. Shock your body on
the third minute by going into a level 7 for one minute. Yes ladies, that is
running. Minute four and five, back down again to a level 6. Walk again. Go
hard again to a level 8 for one more minute after that. Again, your
breathing should increase intensely by this time, back off again to a level
6 for another two minutes. Keep this cycle over and over between level 8
(one minute) and level 6 (two minutes). Now at some point, you can replace
level 8 with level 9. That is one level lower than you being chased by a
crazy dog! Once you twenty minutes is up.. do some light walking to cool
down. Then you're done.

How do you know you burn enough fat and not cheat on the intensity. Simple:
Right after you're done with your 20 minute solution, look at your stopwatch
and count your pulse. How many beats per minute is it? If it is 80% from
your maximum heart rate, you did your job of burning fat. What is 80% of
maximum heart rate? The formula is: 220 minus (your age) times 80%. Whatever
number you come up with must be the number of beats per minute after you're
done with this exercise.

*sebarang tindakan anda adalah di atas tanggungjawab anda sendiri.
saya tidak bertanggungjawab di atas sebarang kesan akibat perlakuan yang
disebutkan di atas oleh mana-mana pembaca termasuk saya sendiri.

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